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Flower Farm

A land where nature and its rhythms are respected

A huge demand for “off-season” flowers” to be always available regardless of their natural flowering season, has created several problems to both producers and the environment. Above all, this demand has forced intensive cultivation, damaging both the ecosystem and the workers. Our goal, as producers and florists as well, is to respect nature rhythms as much as possible mirroring the approach we have with fruits and vegetables. Our passion for floral design led us to cultivation: just as a cook craves for a vegetable garden where to get his/her raw material, we too thought that in addition of buying from others we needed to produce our owns. This way, we have been able to discover new varieties, learn and respect them deeply. For our courses, flower arranging and bouquets we supplement our production with in-season flowers and only, paying the proper attention to their origin. Our policy allows us to ensure authenticity, sustainability and plenty of beauty.