A land made of stories

Our estate

Oltrepò Pavese

The Oltrepò Pavese is a land of stories and people. Our history has its roots in this endless, pristine, unique land. Here you can easily get lost following one of many routes surrounded by nature and flavours. A rich land providing us with the best resources to be used with honesty and passion. Among vineyards and hills you may discover enchanted ancient hamlets, dominated up there by some mountains peaks nestled in Staffora and Tidone Valleys. Both in towns areas and in the countryside, nature stands out in its ancient beauty.

The Oltrepò Pavese is a green land: you may find over a hundred thousand hectares of land including hills and mountains. Charming and scenic terraces are the cradle of endless rows of vineyards producing great white, red and sparkling wines (such as the well-known Pinot Nero and Riesling). But not only wine: cheese, cold cuts and flours are some of the culinary products created here. Among the crops scattered in the area of Santa Maria della Versa, are the ones of our Casale Denari, whose wheat is delivered on a daily basis to the nearby Molini di Voghera for the production of the “Oltrepò flour”.

An in-between land

Anyway, the delicacies of this land are many more than the above-mentioned ones: the well-known Varzi’s salami, Menconico’s Nisso, one of most prestigious cheese types of this area and also the other cheese, the Quartirolo Lombardo Doc. And think about it: just few miles south of Milan this in-between land does really exists, a land where you can rediscover a slower pace of living, ancient farming rituals and a profound respect for our Earth.